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    Asylum July 10-12, 2015 in Eureka Springs AR. National Scion Show

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  • ***Congrats Alycia aka Star for March 2013 Scikotic Ride of the Month (SROTM)***

    Congrats Alycia...love your ride!

    I would like to nominate Star. She always makes a drive up to Dfw to go to events and to visit us. She usaly flys solo in tyler but makes time for us. Plus anyone who names there car after RVB, i am a fan of. She isn't one of the girls that leys the boys install all of her parts either she like to do it all herself.

    Handle: Star
    Title:Scikotics member!

    Ride: 2010 xd

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    1. KrazyWhiteBoi's Avatar
      KrazyWhiteBoi -
      Sweet! A Texas Ride for the Win!!
    1. fyreTC's Avatar
      fyreTC -
      There are a few TX peeps here, they are mostly active in our DFW Scikotics Facebook page though.
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