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  • FR-S FT-86 Convertible

    The long awaited FR-S FT-86 convertible. Purpose leaked ahead of the Geneva Auto Show. Lots of customizing options for this bad boy make you say Hmmmmmmmmm
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    1. Brandon Scott Farrow's Avatar
      Brandon Scott Farrow -
      I I really not impressed with it, i will test drive it and compare it to mine. I dunno why i don't care for it as much.
    1. FyeaFRS's Avatar
      FyeaFRS -
      This looks rather ugly.
    1. MykeH78's Avatar
      MykeH78 -
      This was obviously an idea that came from the toyota side of the partnership. Someone must've said, "hey i have a great idea, it's supposed to be light so lets add a lot of weight, and take away the structural integrity to do away with the handling quality while we're at it", lol. They should be working on a "performance model" i.e.RS 2.0/3.0. The only complaint anyone has had about testing the car has been "could use a lil bit more power", cmon toyobaru, lets get it done. Didn't they learn anything from Nissan's 240sx.
    1. Fr-S-14's Avatar
      Fr-S-14 -
      Way off topic. I'd like to see a performance model rather then a trophy wife compatibility upgrade
    1. sweetdreamer17's Avatar
      sweetdreamer17 -
      I actually like the interior. Not bad. I'm not into convertibles but I like this one
    1. SilverScion007's Avatar
      SilverScion007 -
      Can't wait to own a frs.
    1. tasnipes01's Avatar
      tasnipes01 -
      I am wanting to own a FR-S

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