• Asylum 2015

    Asylum July 10-12, 2015 in Eureka Springs AR. National Scion Show

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  • Scikotics card on your car?

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    Did you find a Scikotics card on your car?
    What this means: A Scikotics member saw your car and hoped you may be interested in joining our Scion car club.
    Who we are: Scikotics (pronounced sigh-cot-iks)
    The largest nationwide Scion Owners' club. We are brought together by a passion for our cars.
  • **Congrats Travis aka HammeredRooster For May 2013 SOTM**

    Congrats Travis!!Name: TravisUsername: HammeredRooster Chapter: Texoma
    Ever since I joined Scikotics he has been there for me. I can still rember within the first two weeks we were installing my lowering spring. Halfway through he slips and hits wrist on the back of the rotor. He calmly said "I have to go the hospital" with a pool of blood quickly forming on the ground.A few hours later he's buying my dinner at El Chico's. It was defiantly a story will never forget for the rest of our life's.
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    1. GONZO's Avatar
      GONZO -
      I love all the cool people I've met through scikotics as well
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