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    Default LED question here

    Hey everyone,
    Wanted to ask you folks, especially those of you who drive FR-S as well as me, what do you think of such an upgrade?
    Picture from - see the very 1st FRS.
    I am not ready for so serious body mods and body kit installation, you know. But I totally love these LED lights that seems like he drilled into his bumper, right?
    Maybe someone knows, is it a special LED kit that I can buy or a complete DIY? Because it is definitely not an LED strip.
    Or perhaps someone dealt with such a mod and perhaps can recommend something to me...? Also, I was wondering what is the right way to attach every single LED to the small hole in a bumper? The only thing that comes to my mind is a temp-resistant sealant that will kinda glue it there. Because I do not want LEDs to melt the bumper, because of temperature.
    Thanks in advance for any ideas!!!

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    Default Re: LED question here

    helen4wheels might know about this.

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